GDPR – “Customer Information on Data Protection”
for SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd

Who does this information on data protection apply to?

What is the aim of the Information?

What data is processed by SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd?

For what purpose does SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd process the Data?

What justification does SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd pro-vide for its processing of the Data?

Is the Data also passed onto third parties?

Do SIX Companies also transfer Data to countries outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland?

How long is the Data processed or stored by SIX Companies?

What rights do affected natural persons (“Data Subjects”) have whose Data are being processed by SIX Companies as part of their business relationship with customers?

Do the SIX Companies have data protection officers?

Who is responsible for the processing of Data at SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd?