Regulatory Board

The Regulatory Board is the Group body that is responsible for issuing the regulations that apply to issuers (rules, directives) and participants (Rule Book, participant directives).

It has a maximum of 17 members, six of whom are drawn from economiesuisse and nine, including the Chairman, from the Board of Directors of SIX Group Ltd. In addition, one member of the Board of Directors of SIX Group Ltd is co-opted as member to the Regulatory Board.

The Regulatory Board delegates some of its powers to its Committees: the Issuer's Committee and the Participants & Surveillance Committee

The rules issued by the Regulatory Board must be submitted to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for approval. 

Members of the Regulatory Board


Entry into force date: Rules of Organisation RBOR

Regulatory Bodies Organisation Rules

SIX Group Ltd Rules of Organisation for the Regulatory Bodies of the Group's trading venues