Online Forms for Regular Reporting Obligations

Information and links for executing and transmitting reportable facts via online forms.

Issuers with primary-listed or main listed equity securities, i.e. shares and participation certificates, must use CONNEXOR® Reporting to report to SIX Exchange Regulation the information set out under Art. 9 DRRO.

Where the Art. 10 et seq. DRRO and the Annexes 2 - 6 thereto stipulate that reportable facts are to be transmitted via online forms (with or without official notice), the relevant information must be transmitted using the following online forms:

The following online forms are available for the following reportable facts that must, pursuant to Annexes 2 - 6 of the DRRO, be reported by email and for which it is stipulated that the information will be disseminated via official notice:

If CONNEXOR® Reporting is not available in exceptional cases for technical reasons, the following online forms may also be used:


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Rules Sponsored Investment Funds Segment

Rules for the Admission of Investment Funds to Trading in the SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Investment Funds Segment

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Directive Regular Reporting Obligations

Directive on Regular Reporting Obligations for Issuers of Equity Securities, Bonds, Conversion Rights, Derivatives and Collective Investment Schemes