Electronic reporting platform CONNEXOR® Reporting

The electronic reporting platform CONNEXOR® Reporting is available for meeting regular reporting obligations pursuant to Art. 9 of the Directive on Regular Reporting Obligations (DRRO).

Issuers with primary-listed or main listed equity securities, i.e. shares and participation certificates, must use CONNEXOR® Reporting to report to SIX Exchange Regulation the information set out under Art. 9 DRRO.

Message types (events) to be reported

The following events (report types) inter alia must be reported via CONNEXOR® Reporting pursuant to Art. 9 DRRO and Annex 1 DRRO:

  • change of name
  • change of address
  • change of contact persons
  • change of web links (URL)
  • change of auditors
  • change of balance sheet date
  • change of investment policy and/or fee model
  • change of business activity (investment and real estate companies)
  • dividend: cash dividend, dividend from reserves, stock dividend, dividend in kind
  • annual general meeting (AGM): date of the next AGM, date of closure of share register (for registered shares), AGM convening notice, AGM resolutions
  • financial reports (annual and semi-annual reports)
  • capital decrease (ordinary capital decrease, capital decrease with simultaneous capital increase, or declarative capital decrease)
  • capital structure: creation/cancellation of authorized or conditional capital, annual registration of conditional capital in the Commercial Register, for issuers not domiciled in Switzerland: current number of equity securities issued and associated voting rights
  • monthly exercise of conditional capital
  • opting out / opting up
  • restrictions on the transferability of registered shares

Documents for using CONNEXOR® Reporting

You will find practical tips and information on the use of CONNEXOR® Reporting in the CONNEXOR® Reporting manual (available under "Publications").

The following documents provide other sources of information for using CONNEXOR® Reporting:

  • Instructions for initial token PIN change (contained in the publication "Using the one-time password token SafeWord® Platinum for CONNEXOR Reporting" below)
  • Information about the handling of CONNEXOR Reporting (available under "Publications" below)

In case of problems with CONNEXOR® Reporting

If CONNEXOR® Reporting is not available in exceptional cases for technical reasons, reportable facts must be sent to SIX Exchange Regulation using online forms or by email (meldepflichten@six-group.com). The deadlines set out in Annex 1 DRRO must be complied with in all cases.

If your token is lost or stolen or if you have questions or technical problems in relation to the token, please send an email to meldepflichten@six-group.com.

Legal basis

The modalities for using the CONNEXOR® Reporting are regulated in the Directive on Using the Electronic Reporting Platform pursuant to Art. 9 of the Directive on Regular Reporting Obligations (Directive Reporting Platform DRRO, DRPRO).

General information on the platform CONNEXOR® Reporting

General information on the CONNEXOR® electronic reporting platform.


Entry into force date: Directives DRRO

Directive Regular Reporting Obligations

Directive on Regular Reporting Obligations for Issuers of Equity Securities, Bonds, Conversion Rights, Derivatives and Collective Investment Schemes

Entry into force date: Directives DRPRO

Directive Reporting Platform DRRO

Directive on the Use of the Electronic Reporting Platform to Fulfil Reporting Obligations Under Art. 9 of the Directive on Regular Reporting Obligations



Connexor Reporting-Manual

Connexor Reporting-Manual (Release No. 3.0) for Reporting Obligations pursuant to Art. 9 of the Directive Regular Reporting Obligations as well as Annex 1


Information about the handling of Connexor Reporting

Information on Connexor Reporting for issuers with primary-listed equities on the SIX Swiss Exchange AG


Using the one-time password token SafeWord® Platinum for CONNEXOR Reporting

Instructions to Change of PIN upon first use of the token, Generation of one-time password and One-time password token blocked upon multiple entry of an incorrect PIN