Information for the general public

The Sanctions Commission and SIX Exchange Regulation publish legally enforceable decisions and agreements in condensed form by means of media releases.

The decision published is that of the body which ensures that the sanction becomes legally enforceable. Usually this is done in anonymized form.

The purpose of publishing these decisions is to explain the decision-making process of the corresponding body to interested parties, thereby creating greater legal certainty

The Sanctions Commission and SIX Exchange Regulation publish the full version of legally enforceable decisions in anonymized form.

The investigative bodies may also terminate sanction proceedings by entering into an agreement with the Party Concerned (agreement).

Agreements are permissible if, among other things, they would allow the public to be informed more rapidly or more fully than would be the case with sanction proceedings concluded in the regular manner.  

Agreements are published in the form of a media release, which must state the regulatory area in question, the key facts of the matter, the content of the agreement and the identities of the Parties Concerned. Media releases that are more than three years old are no longer listed.