Trading in delisted bonds

Trading in delisted bonds of domestic and foreign issuers is regulated in the rules for trading in delisted bonds.

Under these rules, delisted bonds are bonds issued by domestic and foreign issuers that were listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and delisted upon request (for example due to liquidation proceedings).

The Regulatory Board decides on the selection, admission and suspension of delisted bonds at its own discretion.

SIX Swiss Exchange announces both the start of trading and the suspension of trading in a delisted bond by means of an official notice. Unless otherwise decided, the issuer is not required to meet disclosure or reporting obligations (particularly those pertaining to ad hoc publicity).


Entry into force date: Other Rules RTDB

Rules Trading Delisted Bonds

Rules for Trading in Delisted Bonds on SIX Swiss Exchange

Entry into force date: FMIA

Financial Market Infrastructure Act

Federal Act on Financial Market Infrastructures and Market Conduct in Securities and Derivatives Trading (Financial Market Infrastructure Act, FMIA)

Entry into force date: BEHG

Börsengesetz, German

Bundesgesetz vom 24. März 1995 über die Börsen und den Effektenhandel (Börsengesetz, BEHG)