Admission to trading

The terms "listing" and "admission to trading" have different meanings. Admission to trading is subject to fewer obligations.

Bonds or derivatives will be provisionally admitted to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange within one or three trading days after the application has been submitted via CONNEXOR Listing/ IBL. The issuer must apply for listing no later than two months after the first trading day. In this case, admission to trading is a preliminary phase to listing.

Under certain conditions, the following security categories may be admitted to trading only, without a subsequent listing procedure.

The SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Foreign Shares Segment allows SIX Swiss Exchange participants (sponsoring securities dealers) to trade equity securities of foreign issuers with primary listing on a stock exchange recognized by the Regulatory Board on the SIX Swiss Exchange trading platform. The same option is available to domestic and foreign investment funds on the SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Investment Fund segment.

Bonds issued by foreign debtors not denominated in Swiss francs (international bonds) may also be admitted to trading.

Bonds of domestic or foreign issuers that have been delisted following liquidation or similar proceedings may also continue to be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange under certain conditions.


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