Tradable securities

The listing of derivatives is divided into four product groups:

  • leverage products
  • capital-protection products
  • Yield-enhancement products
  • participation products

The four product groups are broken down further into individual product types, in accordance with the classification model of the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA). A complete list of product types is available on the SSPA website.

All derivatives admitted by SIX Exchange Regulation are traded on
SIX Swiss Exchange - Structured Products.


Regulatory Board Communiqué COM201701

Regulatory Board Communiqué No. 1/2017

Amendment of the following rules and regulations: - Listing Rules (LR) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Bonds (Additional Rules Bonds, ARB) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Derivatives (Additional Rules Derivatives, ARD) - Directive on the Procedures for Equity Securities (Directive Procedures Equity Securities, DPES) - Directive on the Procedures for Debt Securities (Directive Procedures Debt Securities, DPDS) - Directive on the Delisting of Equity Securities, Derivatives and Exchange Traded Products (Directive Delisting, DD) - Directive on Financial Reporting (Directive Financial Reporting, DFR)