Tradable securities

The following categories of bonds, among others, may be listed on SIX Swiss Exchange:

  • straight bonds
  • floating-rate bonds
  • convertible bonds
  • contingent convertibles (CoCos)
  • loan participation notes (LPNs)
  • subordinated bonds
  • dual-currency bonds
  • option bonds
  • zero bonds


Regulatory Board Communiqué COM201701

Regulatory Board Communiqué No. 1/2017

Amendment of the following rules and regulations: - Listing Rules (LR) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Bonds (Additional Rules Bonds, ARB) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Derivatives (Additional Rules Derivatives, ARD) - Directive on the Procedures for Equity Securities (Directive Procedures Equity Securities, DPES) - Directive on the Procedures for Debt Securities (Directive Procedures Debt Securities, DPDS) - Directive on the Delisting of Equity Securities, Derivatives and Exchange Traded Products (Directive Delisting, DD) - Directive on Financial Reporting (Directive Financial Reporting, DFR)