Listing procedure

An application must be submitted before securities can be listed.

In addition, to applications for new listings, an application must be submitted for the following transactions types:

  • capital increase (ordinary, approved)
  • formal listing of conditional capital
  • capital transactions such as stock splits, exchange
  • listing of additional categories of equity securities
  • change of regulatory standard
  • opening of a separate trading line
  • delisting

The listing prospectus (where necessary) must be published no later than the day of listing.

The Regulatory Board reviews the application on the basis of the documents submitted and approves it if the prerequisites under the Listing Rules are fulfilled.




Delisting of equity securities

In principle, the issuer itself decides on the delisting of equity securities it has issued. The periods between the announcement of a delisting by means of an Official Notice and decision by SIX Exchange Regulation and the last trading day on SIX Swiss Exchange are based on the Directive on the Delisting of Equity Securities, Derivatives and Exchange Traded Products. 

Shareholders may appeal to the Appeals Board against decisions on applications for delisting within 20 trading days after the publication of that decision on the SIX Exchange Regulation website, if they have an interest worthy of protection in having the decision amended.

Shareholders may challenge the delisting decision only in respect of the period between the delisting announcement and the last day of trading.