Listing procedure

The following listing procedure applies to the listing of collective investment schemes:

The application must provide a short description of the securities and include a request regarding the first scheduled trading day. 

Along with the requisite enclosures to the application pursuant to the Directive on the Procedures for Equity Securities, legally enforceable approval of the collective investment scheme from the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) must be submitted. In the case of foreign collective investment schemes, FINMA approval for distribution in Switzerland must be submitted. The listing prospectus is the latest version of the prospectus approved by FINMA and supplemented by technical information.

A market-making agreement must be concluded with SIX Swiss Exchange for the listing of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and Exchange Traded Structured Funds (ETSF).

Issuers that have already listed ETF on SIX Swiss Exchange must submit the listing application no later than 10 trading days prior to the scheduled first trading day (shortened deadline: see SIX Exchange Regulation Communiqué 03/2010).