Listing procedure

The listing procedure for debt securities (bonds and derivatives) is essentially based on the Directive Procedures Debt Securities (DPDS).

Derivatives may be admitted to provisional trading within one trading day after the application is submitted via CONNEXOR Listing. The issuer is required to submit a listing application no later than two months after provisional admission to trading.

The listing prospectus must be published no later than the day of listing.

New issuers must be approved by the Regulatory Board prior to the first issue. 

The suitability for listing of new transaction structures must first be assessed for provisional admission to trading by the Regulatory Board.




Amendments to the Additional Rules ARB, ARD and the DPDS

Consultation on amendments to the Additional Rules for the Listing of Bonds, the Additional Rules for the Listing of Derivatives and the Directive on the Procedures for Debt Securities.

Form / Template

Application for the purchase of a listing package

Form for provisional admission of derivatives

General Conditions

General Conditions for Internet-Based Listing of Securities

These General Conditions set out the requirements for using the services provided in connection with Internet-based listing of securities ("IBL").


SIX Exchange Regulation Communiqué SER201701

SIX Exchange Regulation Communiqué No. 1/2017

Information from the Disclosure Office in connection with the modification of the reporting obligation for persons with the power to exercise voting rights by the FINMA