Various categories of securities are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. The listing procedure and the enclosures to be submitted differ according to security type.

The following securities may be listed on SIX Swiss Exchange:

  • equities, participation certificates and profit-sharing certificates
  • global depositary receipts
  • collective investment schemes (exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded structured funds, investment and real-estate funds)
  • bonds
  • derivatives
  • exchange-traded products 

The listing procedure on SIX Swiss Exchange differs depending on security category. With bonds and derivatives, the web-based application CONNEXOR Listing is used.

Listing Application

With all security categories, the listing application must be submitted by a representative recognized by SIX Exchange Regulation as competent to do so.

Various documents must be submitted along with the listing application, including a listing prospectus containing the information required in accordance with the applicable prospectus scheme. Each issuer must also sign a Declaration of Consent at the time of initial listing of securities. In this, the issuer or guarantor acknowledges the SIX Swiss Exchange listing rules as binding and agrees that the SIX Swiss Exchange Board of Arbitration will be competent for handling any disputes.


Regulatory Board Communiqué COM201701

Regulatory Board Communiqué No. 1/2017

Amendment of the following rules and regulations: - Listing Rules (LR) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Bonds (Additional Rules Bonds, ARB) - Additional Rules for the Listing of Derivatives (Additional Rules Derivatives, ARD) - Directive on the Procedures for Equity Securities (Directive Procedures Equity Securities, DPES) - Directive on the Procedures for Debt Securities (Directive Procedures Debt Securities, DPDS) - Directive on the Delisting of Equity Securities, Derivatives and Exchange Traded Products (Directive Delisting, DD) - Directive on Financial Reporting (Directive Financial Reporting, DFR)


Form / Template

Zustimmungserklärung Sponsored Anlagefonds, German

Der sponsernde Effektenhändler im Sinn von (Art. 3 Abs. 4) des Reglements für die Zulassung zum Handel von Anlagefonds im SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Anlagefondssegment erklärt, dass:

Form / Template

Zustimmungserklärung Sponsored Foreign Shares, German

Der sponsernde Effektenhändler im Sinn von (Art. 3 Abs. 3) des Reglements für die Zulassung zum Handel von Beteiligungsrechten im SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Segment erklärt, dass: