Authorisation to trading (Liquidnet)

Within the scope of Over-the-Exchange services offered by SIX Swiss Exchange to its participants, it is possible to trade in international equity securities on SIX Swiss Exchange.

These securities are not listed on SIX Swiss Exchange under the provisions of the Listing Rules but are authorised to trading. Authorisation to trading for international equity securities is based on the Rules for the Admission of International Equity Securities to Trading on SIX Swiss Exchange (Rules Equity Securities, RES).  

Equity securities as defined in these Rules are securities which confer participation rights (e.g. shares) that are listed on a stock exchange recognized by SIX Swiss Exchange and are authorised to trading on a regulated market on this exchange. This stock exchange or regulated market is also regarded as the reference market for the services offered.

Authorisation and cancellation of trading

SIX Swiss Exchange and its management hold sole and exclusive authority to decide whether equity securities are authorised to trading or cancelled. Authorisation to trading is not provided at the request of the issuer or a sponsor.

Disclosure principles

Neither SIX Swiss Exchange nor the Regulatory Board is required to procure or publish information on equity securities that have been authorised to trading via the trading services offered by SIX Swiss Exchange (e.g. ad hoc publicity, name change, annual financial statements, interim financial statements, date of the next general meeting, date of ex-dividend trading, etc.).


Entry into force date: Other Rules RES

Rules Equity Securities

Rules for the Authorisation of International Equity Securities to Trading on SIX Swiss Exchange