Listing and admission to trading

SIX Swiss Exchange differentiates between listing and admission to trading of securities.

Securities may be listed or admitted to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange. Listing is always made upon request of the issuer and involves various obligations for initial listing and for maintaining a listing. Generally speaking, admission to trading is granted upon request of a participant. Issuer consent is not necessary and no issuer obligations arise. Equity securities (SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Foreign Shares Segment), investment funds (SIX Swiss Exchange-Sponsored Investment Fund Segment) and bonds (international bonds and delisted bonds) are currently admitted to trading.

Admission to trading differs from provisional admission to trading of bonds and derivatives. Provisional admission to trading of these securities is granted prior to rather than instead of listing, to facilitate the timely start of trading after the securities are launched. The issuer must submit the listing application with the requisite enclosures to SIX Exchange Regulation no later than two months after provisional admission to trading.