Disclosure of shareholdings

If a person or group subject to the disclosure obligation attains, falls below or exceeds the threshold for voting rights set out in Art. 120 FMIA, the person or group is obliged to notify the company and the Disclosure Office within four trading days.

The condition for being subject to the disclosure obligation under Art. 120 f. FMIA is the listing of at least one equity security of an issuer on SIX Swiss Exchange. Listing means admission to trading on any exchange (Art. 2 (f) FMIA). Unlisted equity securities and financial instruments are also taken into account when calculating voting-right proportions.

The Disclosure Office has pre-prepared forms for disclosure notices, use of which is optional. The trading calendar of SIX Swiss Exchange is used when calculating the deadline.

Process for disclosure of shareholdings

Disclosure notices are published on the "Significant shareholders" page and are available to the public.