Recognised Representatives

In the interests of efficient processing, the listing application must be submitted by a representative considered by the Regulatory Board to be knowledgeable. The Directive Recognised Representatives ("DRR") regulates the various types of recognition as well as the procedure:

  • In addition to the necessary professional knowledge in all product areas, full recognition as the representative of an applicant or as an applicant under the DRR requires direct access to an authorised SIX Swiss Exchange clearing system.
  • Partial recognition in the sense of a specialisation is only possible for certain product areas.
  • In this case, the following product areas are differentiated:

    • Equity securities
    • Collective Investment Schemes
    • Bonds
    • Derivatives
    • Exchange Traded Products

This Directive applies exclusively to listing applications. Specifically excepted are applications for provisional admission to trading of bonds or derivatives intended for listing under Art. 25 Additional Rules Bonds or Art. 31 Additional Rules Derivatives.

The Listing Rules are the basis for the Listing of securities on SIX Swiss Exchange.

A central component for the submission of an application are the provisions for investor information (company disclosure). As a rule, the technical aspects of the certification, safekeeping and guarantee of the clearing and settling of stock exchange transactions also play an important role.

In particular in the case of more complex legal events (above all with equity transactions), the Exchange is dependent on knowledgeable planning and processing. It is oftentimes not possible in such cases to meet the prescribed deadlines unless qualified representatives are called in during the early planning phases.