"Listed on SIX Swiss Exchange"

The equity market of the SIX Swiss Exchange comprises all types of equity securities but is focused on classic shares (see tradeable securities).

Underpinned by the strength of the Swiss financial marketplace, the SIX Swiss Exchange has always pursued an international strategy, not only in the form of

  • an integrated, fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system
    (see SWXess platform) that forms an ideal system platform for equity trading,
  • but also in the form of internationally recognised regulatory provisions.

Furthermore, the distinct international private-banking clientele of Swiss banks is an ideal environment for international companies.

These factors make the SIX Swiss Exchange the home stock exchange for leading international companies. The widespread presence of banks, and their tremendous research activity, ensures that listed companies are valued fairly.

In principle, shares and equity securities can be listed in accordance with the main standard and domestic standard of SIX Swiss Exchange. Investment and real estate companies, which may only be listed according to the standards specifically designated for them, constitute an exception in this regard. There are, however, good strategic reasons for a given company to apply for listing under one or the other standard. The Main Standard is particularly suited to international companies, as it is geared towards international investors in terms of accounting provisions and transparency requirements.

The Domestic Standard accepts lower distribution and own-funds levels and allows the use of national accounting standards. This standard is therefore especially suited to national and local companies.

Because of the way the SIX Swiss Exchange accommodates the needs and corporate strategies of issuers in the context of the regulatory framework, many companies consider the fact of being "listed on SIX Swiss Exchange" to be more than a sign of excellence.

"Listed on SIX Swiss Exchange" also gives companies the possibility of being included in an index (benchmark) of one of the SWX Index Families and single indices, which are important to investors:

The simple admission procedure, the low listing fees and the straightforwardness of the market are further advantages of being listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Extensive advice and support

"Going Public on SIX Swiss Exchange" is a publication from the stock exchange, which will provide potential issuers with a practical guide containing all the information they need to know. We also offer additional informative and supporting publications on the advantages of the Swiss financial center and SIX Swiss Exchange.